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About Us

About Us

Today, all business activities are in search for a best system and there are many struggles about how to establish one. We understand the complexity of each business activity and take proactive measure for reliable solutions. Each case is being evaluated individually and build a plan for best possible results. Our primary aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and establish long term, happy relations with our customers.

Our roots are going back to international trade and logistics operations. As an ambitious company, we have decided to move on with International trade and finding a place for our business segments.

There are 2 Product segments that we have focused on.

First segment is Fancy foods.

Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in fancy food distribution business, we focus on delivering best fancy food products to our Customers around the Tri-State Region along with our Online market place customers. Our great network is enabling us to reach the best items in a very short time, thus we can respond to our customers’ request on time and make deliveries as soon as possible. Each order is being treated as very important, our experienced team members works on to bring items together and deliver to our customers with no mistake. We know that even little mistakes can cause losing time and as it is said, time is money. With the support of our customer service specialists, we seek to provide the best assistance to our valuable customers.  Besides our current items, we would be very happy to analyze your products and see the possibilities and ways of entering your target markets.

Our second segment is Home décor products.

After a successful period of Research and Development, we have created a brand called Sophie’s Home Décor. As Americans, we love to decorate our home. We like fancy lamps and lighting, comfortable accent chairs, colorful pillows, stylish coffee tables because we love to spend time in our home with our friends and loved ones. On the other hand, we seek the quality and best prices. While creating this segment, we put American nation in starting point. We thought about what we like, we planned and chose the best for our customers, just like we are choosing for our own home.

Quality is very essential for us; thus we did our best to bring the best quality with best possible prices. We believe in our products because we have evaluated our vendors very carefully. All our vendors were being tested for quality standards. Finally, after a long evaluation process, we moved on with our 5 vendors in 5 different categories. We enjoyed very much while creating our brand and selecting our products and hoping that our customers will enjoy while using them.

After a solid work and sharp results in mentioned segments, we have thought that we can share this experience and knowledge with companies who wants to reach the same levels. Our Service team, who worked hard while developing our projects, is ready to serve our customers now. We will be expecting inquiries about Market Research, Supply Chain management and Logistics Services.

Thanks to our creative team, we would be able to research anything for our customers. We can provide analytic reports that includes; foundations of interested market, current status of the market with numbers, competition in the market, ways to enter to the market and finally, we suggest a path to reach the success. During this process, of course our best source will be our customers. With a successful dialogue, we can organize the market research and optimize the results along with a great cooperation.

Supply and Chain Management is the most popular term from a decade for the business world. Companies, which can manage their supply and chain structure, are very successful and profitable. Actually, it does not matter to find the appropriate product, what matters is, how to source the product, how to build the relations with vendors, how to manage purchase orders, how to manage inventories and how to deliver items to our customers in the best and profitable conditions.

Thanks to our Trading team, we can help our customers in all steps during those hard process. Dedicated personnel can lead a way with the great cooperation with our customers. We can see the problems together, and solve them together.

Our another Service is Logistics. If you already saw it in our homepage in Logistics section, we say from Anywhere. We mean it. Just let us know the location of your products so that we can check the best possible option with the most appropriate way of handling and forwarding of your products.

Finally, as an ALPHA GLOBAL TRADE team, we believe we can do the best of work for continues cooperation and development.  With our products and services explained above, we hope that we can be a part of your team and do a Great Job.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be waiting your e-mails and calls and will be more than happy to assist you.

Best Regards,