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Provide comprehensive, proactive, target oriented business solutions for our customers, partners and vendors.


Starting from Market research to develop a logistics operations and supply chain services designed according to customer needs while adding value to business with young, proactive and qualified team members.

Why Should I Choose Alpha ?

Proactive Approach
Target Oriented Planning
100% Customer Satisfaction
Transparency in Operations
Accountability in Business Procedures
On-Time Actions
Easy Dialogue in Daily Business Activities
24/7 Support

About Us :

Today, all business activities are in search for a best system and there are many struggles about how to establish one. We understand the complexity of each business activity and take proactive measure for reliable solutions. Each case is being evaluated individually and build a plan for best possible results. Our primary aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and establish long term, happy relations with our customers.

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Our Products

Fancy Foods

Fancy Foods

Sophie’s Home Décor

Sophie’s Home Décor